The husband and wife team of Carl and Cielo Dingwell are happy to welcome you to our site where we display over 400 pieces of our collection of hand painted coins. We have over 150 countries,past and present, shown here. Our work includes coins from the 1800's until the present. We also welcome custom work,using your coin if you like. This makes a very nice keepsake if you have a coin that is special to you.

Our process

 Hand painted coins are made using real coins, selected for quality and artwork,which are cleaned,polished and plated with silver or gold before we apply the enamels.Our enamels are applied one color at a time with tiny brushes and baked onto the coin itself.This process is repeated until both sides of the coins are completed.Our work is then encased in a special polymer coating,again hand applied, for protection.The final step is placing the finished coin in a gold fill or sterling silver setting called a "coin mount".

  Besides pendants we also make the following items

                  -earrings  -belt buckles  -moneyclips  -golf tools  -keychains  -cufflinks

  We are a home based business and easy to deal with. If you don't see what you want,please contact us at dngwll@aol.com



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